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This page is designed to help viewers find sections of H3264 the Civil Rights and Public Safety Act by subject matter/section.

Breaking and Entering of a Firearm Retailer or Wholeseller

Carrying of a loaded rifle, black powder rifle, or shotgun in public

Confiscation of Lawfully Owned Firearms, Prohibiting of

Counterfeit/Forged FID Card

Criminal Firearms and Trafficking Division

Criminal Firearms and Trafficking Division Funding

Criminal Use of Firearms

Crime Definitions

"Deceptive Weapon"


Discharge of Firearms within 500 Feet of Dwelling

Firearms Identification Card

Firearm Definition

Firearms Trafficking, Unlawful, Intrastate

Machine Gun

Non-Resident License

Non-Residents posession

Prohibited Person

Prohibited Person In Possession of a Firearm

Prohibited Possession

Prop/Stage guns

Revocation/Suspension/Denial Hearing Language

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in MA

Self Defense, The RIght of

Serialized Firearms

State Firearm Crime

Straw Purchasing, Unlicensed Distribution of Firearms

Suspension, Revocation, and Denial of FID

Temporary Storage in Prohibited Government Buildings

Theft of a Firearm, Breaking and Entering

Unlawful Transfer of a Firearm


We need to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals by reforming our gun laws to make them clear, comprehensive and effective. They should be tough on criminals and easy to enforce.

Our gun laws should do more to respect the individual right of every citizen of the United States to keep and bear arms.

We believe we can do both.