Personal Accounts

This page will be dedicated to those citizens that wish to share their brief stories of licensing abuses and corruption. If you have had unacceptable delays, illegal over charging, unjust denial or restrictions, etc. please send your brief account to (Please only include your initials and town and include "MGLR Personal Account" in the email subject.

Account 1:
In the Spring of 2006 I followed Jon Green's NRA Basic Pistol course and in July I applied for my gun permit.

My record, naturally, was clean and I submitted good letters of recommendation. My application was for a class A license to carry for all lawful purposes. Four months later I was first called in for an interview at my town's police station. The interview by the sergeant consisted of fingerprinting, one suspicious glance in my direction, and one question. Two months following the interview I still had not received my license. Several polite calls of inquiry to my chief of police resulted only in dead-end messages which I was allowed to leave on his secretary's answering machine. The sergeant in charge of permits could never be reached. I wrote polite letters by mail and by fax, which were never answered. Some very helpful person at the Criminal History Systems Board looked into the stalled application for me and said that they had done their part months prior and that the ball was in the court of the chief.

At that point I asked my state representative and state senator for help. They were both very sympathetic and helpful and although the secretary at the police station was politely responsive to their questions, it became clear that they too were being given the run around. 

The chief's position, clarified by his secretary, was that the sergeant in charge of permits had other more pressing duties to perform. At last, more than nine months after my initial application, my license was issued with restrictions which limited me to range or hunting activities, restrictions which were arbitrarily appended. Since I could only communicate with the secretary, questions I had concerning the practical interpretation of those restrictions were heard but not adequately answered. I continued my education and training, including several more courses in firearm safety and intermediate-level skill training. In 2008, to no avail, I contacted the mayor of my town for his advocacy in removing the restrictions on my license, but received not even the courtesy of a reply.

RW in Medford