GOAL's Civil Rights and Public Safety Act

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Reason for Reform

In 1998, Massachusetts lawmakers passed what they said was one of the toughest gun control laws in the country.

Yet, in the decade since the laws were passed, firearm-related crime has increased dramatically. Gun-related deaths alone have increased by 68%, and gun-related assault injuries have increased by 72%. Emergency room visits due to gun-related assaults have increased by a whopping 222%.

The answer isn't more gun control laws.

It's better laws.

We need to take illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals and put those criminals in jail. We also need to respect law-abiding citizens' right to own a firearm.

We believe we can do both.

In 2014, we are working with members of the State Legislature to file a comprehensive rewrite of the Massachusetts gun law. The legislation, H3264 is intended to bring reason and clarity back to our gun laws. We encourage you to review GOAL's approach to reform and then review the evidence we have provided throughout the site.